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Andy McKinnon

 February 13, 2010 “ The best catfish I have ever had. The chicken is amazing, sorry eichens. Crawfish ettouffe was great. Seriously the catfish is the best. Did I mention that the catfish is amazing

Chris Lambert

 February 12, 2010 “Likes it “ Wow! It’s gen-u-ine Louisiana food. The gumbo and crawfish etouffe are wonderful, the catfish strips are even better than advertised, and they even have beignets. Forget those fake Cajun places. This is the real deal.

Out of this world!!!” by Brian

February 12, 2010 “ Really likes it “ This is now my favorite place in OKC. Some of the best fried chicken around. Catfish strips were so tender and the sauce they give you to dip them in is delicious. Every single item on the buffet was hot and tasty (no joke). The staff goes out of their way to keep everything fresh and hot. Can’t leave out the crawfish dish b/c it to was amazing. They just opened a couple of weeks ago and I can’t wait to go back. It will be the next big thing.



February 11, 2010 “ Likes it – Don’t be fooled by the look of this place. There fried chicken is awesome, cheese potatos good, fish good, greens good, you have to try this place at least once and i bet you will love fried chicken too. GUARANTEED!

Cajun King Buffet Oklahoma City

Cajun King Buffet at N.W. 63rd and McArthur is a great new addition to the Oklahoma City chow scene. The owner used to own a restaurant across the street from the Superdome in New Orleans. It is located in a former Godfather’s Pizza then Pancake house space in a strip mall so it is nothing fancy. I have been to southern Louisiana including Cajun country and New Orleans numerous times and this is the best attempt at cajun/creole soul food I have experienced in Oklahoma City. The buffet includes gumbo with a good thick roux, jambalaya, crawfish etoufee, collared greens, potatoes au gratin, red beans and rice, white beans, fried chicken (outstanding), blackened pork chops, catfish, corn bread, and bread pudding. They bring mini-beignets to your table that are tasty also. The buffet with a drink cost around $11.00. Good stuff.

Bigray in Ok

Went there tonight for dinner. This place was great! The fried chicken was breaded in a sweet & salty spiced breading that was delicious. The catfish amandine served at the table with the tiger dipping sauce was sublime. The collard greens are the best in Oklahoma City. The buffet was well-stocked and fresh and the staff were great.

joshpowell Mar 06, 2010 06:22PM

“Absolutely Fab-u-lous” by Andi (1 review)
March 18, 2010 – I wanted to find this place this evening, after reading the rave reviews and the one crazy one. These people were so hospitable (usually I use my dinner prayer asking for decent service) they greet you with genuine kindness WOW. The food was beyond delicious, you have to try everything. Start with small sampling so you have room for dessert. The fish comes out to you fresh cooked and it’s so flavorful, light and crispy. The chicken is delicious, the blackened pork chops are wonderful. It is very orderly, clean, and cozy. You just have to experience this dream, words aren’t enough. I’m so impressed because they really poured their heart and soul into everything here and I’m so glad I got to enjoy it earlier tonight. It’s in the shopping center next to Walgreens.

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“Wow” by kevinme (1 review)
March 16, 2010 – We went to Cajun King last week and the catfish is simply the best I’ve ever had in my life and my family all felt the same way. The fried chicken I felt was better than Eichen’s especially since they now charge 12.00 for a chicken. I will agree with a previous review that the section of the buffet where the blackened pork chops is served needs to have the temperature turned up. The service was great, the owners extremely friendly and warm people. We will go back again and again. Great food at a very reasonable price.

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“Awesome” by bioduno (1 review)
March 03, 2010 – Likes it – Regardless of what some haters out there write, the food is excellent. The service is the same, and the price for a buffet that good you cannot beat. There is variety,but my favorite is the catfish and the red beans and rice. You just have to try it and you will see why the whole of OKC is saying it is about time we have this here. Everything is good a trial will convince you. I give them 10/10

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“I am biased but…” by TheKeef (44 reviews)
March 02, 2010 – Really likes it – I love Cajun food, and it shows when I talk about it. This place.. man where to even begin.Best Catfish Fry in the state, most likely the nearest 47 states. Just out of this world and it comes with every buffet order and it’s fresh cooked.Gumbo, Jambalaya, Ettouffee, Blackend Chicken, Blackend Pork, Collard Greens, um… Im sorry did you need to hear more, really?DO NOT let the name fool you, as it’s not the catchiest. But the food inside, will make you care less about what the name on the marquee says.Run here like your hair was on fire. You wont regret it one bit.

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“Great Catfish” by Regis Stover (2 reviews)
March 01, 2010 – Likes it – This is a terrific place to eat, even though you’re stuffed when you leave. The catfish is incredible, and the other dishes more than hold their own. You’ll want to get the bread pudding before you leave, so don’t fill up too much. Best cajun food I’ve had in OKC.

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“Great Food” by Diniro (2 reviews)
March 01, 2010 – Really likes it – Ate here on Sunday (2/28/2010) before I went to work.Crawfish Etouffee: Lots of crawfish. Good but could be better if it was hotter. Fried Chicken: Juicy and tender. The crust is thin and seasoned with unique herb and spices with a hint of sweetness. I don’t know if it’s the best ever but it’s really different and really really really good.Catfish strips: They bring a plate out piping hot from the kitchen to every seating table. The sauce is a little too sweet for my taste, but the strips were still amazing by themselves. Some of the best catfish I’ve ever had. Would have asked for seconds but I was stuffed to the brim.Blackened Chicken Pasta: nom nom nom.Red potatoes: Loved it. Can’t go wrong with red potatoes though.Collard Greens: Better than Mama E’s.Blackened Pork Chops: Just okay but would try again.Also the staff including the owner was very friendly. Going back again soon.

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